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Been a builder who was fired and therefore was a new job. My gf lives in London, invited me to his house for a week of vacation and a change of scenery. She lives with her divorced mother, at the age of 47 years. My girlfriend is 26 and I have 27 years his mother has always looked after him, and has been since her divorce a couple of younger men. We have always gotten along well, I fantasized about fucking one day... However, gf come to my house, I was glad to see her for a coffee and got to pack, and my girlfriend joined me and we soon soon fucking each other downstairs with her mother. She is a menonthenet really good head and enjoy riding my hard cock. The two arrived quickly and was relieved in the background. I realized that her mother learned has've a tremor in his eyes. That night we were like rabbits fuck each other several times. I fucked back in the morning before going to work.. I fall asleep for a while after waking, I went all nAked to the bathroom, forgetting his mother was there. As soon as I set foot in the bathroom, her mother left her room in her nightgown and looked at me with half naked drive. I was embarrassed, she just smiled and said, ' body beautiful ' and looked at my penis is now difficult.. She continued and said, ' I was up all night, you hear to fuck. ' She came over and started massaging my penis and my chest and said, ' It's my turn '... I could not resist and went to close and menonthenet my tongue in her mouth and pulled my hands on her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and then I started licking and moved my hands towards her pussy. She had nothing and have been very wet. She took me to his king-size bed, I saw a big vibrator beside her pillow, was apparently used.. She spread her legs and 'lame lame that you like my daughter,' he said. I ran my tongue around her clitoris waving her wet pussy. She was soaked with her juices and moaning with pleasure. I have two of my fingerslick her pussy while her clitoris. She moaned even louder after a while and gave a loud cry to menonthenet all when she published her pussy juices in my mouth. He grabbed my legs, put it over my shoulder and took her deep and began to fuck her hard. I could feel her pussy was throbbing and I fucked her so hard until menonthenet I shot my load right there. took my cock in her mouth and menonthenet licked my semen. We ate together and just patted me all over my body, kissing every inch of your body. After an hour, to cool again, I used the rabbit and then grabbed her from behind until they both came again. We showered together, massaging each other with soap shower gel with nice.. admitted that he had been so warm weather and I hear her menonthenet daughter's stuffed, I could not wait to fuck me. Therefore, for 7 days, I have to fuck in the afternoon and evening and spent the day fucking his mom and makes occasional DIY at home. She never tired of me. I've never fuckeded much. His mother took me to fuck around the house... She was a complete nympho... menonthenet reluctantly left after a week and go there on weekends to repeat in the meetings...
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